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Oak Trees Multi Academy Trust was formed in June 2017, when a group of Wirral schools formalised their long-standing collaborative working relationship. Our key values are to: Co-operate and collaborate; Achieve excellence for all; Raise aspirations and inspire imaginations; and Explore new interests and new ideas. With six schools currently in the Trust, all judged to be either Good or Outstanding at their last inspection, we are in an excellent position to deliver the very best outcomes for all our children.

Our structure allows our school leaders to focus closely on the job at hand: we support school operations so that when it comes to the classroom, education and child development can come first. We are committed to building an exceptional learning environment for all the children who attend our schools, and a supportive, collaborative working environment for our staff, which enables professional development and facilitates great outcomes. Our vision is to enable every young person to reach their potential and achieve the success they deserve by providing an innovative and inspiring learning experience. A one-page summary of our approach can be seen here.

Subject to each Academy performing to an agreed standard, it has the autonomy to deliver the curriculum as it wishes and as it fits their pupil profile. The individual nature of each school, from uniform to holidays and school days, is protected.

Key aspects of our philosophy of collaboration include:

  • Networks of school leaders work together on curriculum and enrichment opportunities.
  • Our Headteacher Board works together to ensure a coherent strategic direction and drive is in place.
  • Each Headteacher is committed to working across the MAT and having an impact beyond their own school.
  • Quality joint INSET and Continuing Professional Development, including training for new Headteachers and NQTs, is in place and run by leaders within the Trust.
  • Clear and consistent financial procedures and reporting systems are in place across the MAT.
  • A shared focus on developing teaching and learning brought together through the MAT Business Plan and School Improvement Strategy.
  • Regular MAT-wide events are held to develop a unified approach, such as cross-Trust maths and English challenges and an annual Awards evening.

Subject to the right fit with our culture, ethos and values, we envisage that our growth will continue in the medium term.

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A high-quality Governance and Executive Leadership structure provides support and challenge for all academies to perform at a high level and ensure clear accountability at all levels, and Trust staff have the opportunity to work with other schools across the MAT.

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